Recycling during Covid 19

Has Covid19 slowed down our business? You bet it has. We never really stopped working at PitBull during the pandemic. We have been recycling and repairing computers all the way through. Our reasons were to ensure that we have been available to all of our customers. Many of our customers working from home would need […]

The Site is coming along

Yes, the site is coming along slowly but surely. It’s surprising how this change as much as they do. While at programming degrees, I had to do all of the codings to build a website. Now you use templates and elements. Right now I’m working out all of the bugs. When I’m sure that all […]

Hello Again!

As you can plainly see, we are in the process of rebuilding the website. This is an attempt actually to do a better job this time. I’m going to apologize now for my bad spelling and grammar. They both SUCK. I know that I will make mistakes with this site, but all I ask is […]