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Luna a.k.a. Tuna

Our Mascot and recycling companion

Rodney Arnett

CEO owner

Envey a.k.a. Puddy

The Original Shop Masscot also the inspiration for our company name.(sleeping with her favorite toy Mucky

Retired Cheif computer shredder

Puddy is not mean I just took a picture while she is doing what we call “The Growl of Love” she can growl while constantly licking your face. Her bi-ped sisters just got a little too close to her Dad and she was letting them know about it. Truthfully the shedder is not Puddy. Tuna is the one that destroyed the Install DVDs for MS Office 2010, commercial level headsets that work with a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems, basically anything that was high tech and she could get at. It didn’t take me long to figure out she could climb kind of like a cat to get at what she wanted. I had to do some major Puppy Proofing.

Rodney Arnett (much younger)

CEO Company

Retired Cheif Computer Shredder

Ever get soo mad at your computer you just want to use a hammer on it, or just throw it as far as you can? She could fix it for you. It would never work again. I could fix it for you instead and I would work again.