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Our Recycling Fees as of 11/01/2022

The recycling world is getting nuts with pricing increases to us scrappers. It’s almost like they are attempting to price us out of business (at least it feels that way).

This is our home so we need to take better care of it. It's not likely that we can go any where else anytime soon. In my humble opinion if mankind could stop fighting eachother and started working together on fixing what our fore father has done to our home so far, and make it something much better. Something that we would not be ashamed to give to our future generations.

It's getting very expensive to recycle the right way.

Yes, it seems to be very expensive to recycle, but when you think about it. The cost of not recycling will be soo much more by far than if we recycle the correct way. Are we not paying more than anyone ever thought it would be to clean up what has already been done to our home by our forefathers?

How much more would our future generations have to pay to clean up after our generation’s mistakes?

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