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We can make house/office calls to repair your PC or pick up E-waste

When is it easy to take your computer to the computer shop to fix it? When it’s a laptop.

If it’s a desktop and you are having problems with the desktop communicating with your printer then it’s not so easy.

You would show me what troubles you are having with your system at home, and 8 times out of 10 the fix can be applied immediately. This is where us coming to you saves you time and money.

When I started PitBull all but 1 or 2 customers were ones I would go to their homes or businesses.

Why should I change now?

It is our hope to provide all of our customers with a place where they not only can you get help with their Computer Repair or Recycling needs, but with answers to some of the most common and some uncommon computer problems.

Rodney’s Experience

I started my path of working (or fighting) with computers in 1994. It started with installing a game for my son on a Packard Bell. While the installed it took out the soundcard. So, I called Packard Bells tech support on a Friday night no less. After waiting for 3 hours of them tell me that I was very important to them. The technician said hello then hung up, not good. So, I called back and waited an additional hour and a half. When the technician said hello, and I exploded, the technician asked if I had gotten it out of my system. I then apologized for letting my frustration out, then I explained what had happened. He told don’t worry, I’ve would have done the same. The tech listened to the issues that I was having with the computer he then gave me the commands and I typed them in, then I started writing them out on a separate piece of paper. After a couple of minutes went by, he asked if it worked> I told I didn’t know and that I was writing them down, he laughed a little bit and asked to look for the key that said Screen Print and push it, the commands were then printed out.

That night I decided that I would never again let a computer tell me what it wanted to do, instead of the other way around.Since then, I have gone to school and gotten two degrees as an IT Programmer Analyst. I was never able to find work as a programmer, but the education that followed had been in making the systems work a different way, by repairing and building computer systems, since the methodologies for finding problems are relatively the same. I have never looked back since.

About Us

We at PitBull are on a mission to make our world a better place for everyone’s future generations. Our goal is that four – nines of what we bring in will not go to landfills. Right now we are averaging 80 to 85% not getting into landfills.


Our Services

We have many ways to help you. Please choose how we can be of service to you.

Computer Repair

Desktops, Laptops, Severs, Printers, and other Electronics, commercial and residentcial

Computer Training

90% of all training is software based and training can be remotely, but if you are more comfortable person-to-person we can accommodate both ways. For some just want to learn a new program to more technical types of things. Since I have started my technical path 29 years ago, I have seen a lot both hardware and software and have worked with Apple, Linux, Unix, DOS, Windows 3.0 through Win 11. I’m not saying I know everything, because I DON’T. I DO know how to explain the highly technical in a what that you will understand and I never judge.

Data Backup

It's not if your data will go bad, it's WHEN YOUR DATA GOES BAD

Computer Tune Up

Does your computer seem to be getting slower and slower over the years

Malware and Virus Removal

Maybe not Covid, but data does get viruses that can corrupt your data and make your data unreadable, and if that happens then all pictures, movies, games all would be lost. Stop in to have us double check and eliminate any that may have poped up.

E-Waste Recycling

We have been doing this for a while now, before it became a popular this to do, besides we are not in it for the money. We are in it for the Planet and all of our future generations to come.

Remote Tech Support

Many times the computers fail at the worst time possible and you don’t have the time to bring it in. We can work together to solve many even though not in the same room. This would only be done while we are talking to each other and both you and I in front of our computers. You would start the software used to link both computers and it would generate a random one-time use code that I would you use to log in. This way you can see what I’m doing as I explain what is being done and why. Once the problem gets resolved and we disconnect, I would not be able to log back without you generating a new code on your end.

Why Choose Us


Unless otherwise told to use NEW


Conveinance: We attempt to work on your scheduel weather you come to us, or we come to you.


We help and treat all of customers, with kindness, and respect but also their homes or businesses by leaving things better than when we arrive. Due to Covid 19 we do understand just how bad it is. With that said, we do not require anyone to wear a mask, but if you ask or we feel under the weather we will wear them for your protection

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